A Love Letter (and Guide) To Lucca

Situated in Tuscany, central Italy, Lucca is a cultural and culinary hot spot. Spend a few days like a local with our guide of places to explore, shop and eat.

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Part of the Aimé team, Emilia, recently took a city break to Lucca, and shares her intel on the best places to explore, shop and eat in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy.

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The Breakfast Fix

Situated just inside the city walls lies Momus Cafe, a delightful spot for breakfast. Indulge in their array of miniature sweet tarts and pastries, a perfect complement to a freshly squeezed orange juice. For those with a savoury palette, don't miss out on the prosciutto and crudo sandwiches — a personal favourite.

Momus Cafe, Piazza Santa Maria, 23, 55100 Lucca, Italy

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Where To Shop

Italy is renowned for luxury shopping, however nestled within Lucca are some charming independent boutiques that I adore. Pictured above is Rossoramina, a cermanic shop in the heart of the walls. They showcase a variety of different artists around Lucca, and I love how joyful each piece is.

Uashmama is a family run store where sustainablity is part of their core values. Their products, crafted to elevate your daily routine, include bags made from paper, exquisite Italian soaps, and beautiful linens, all designed to enhance your lifestyle sustainably.

iStone is one of the most beautiful jewellery shops I have come across. As you step inside, you're greeted by shelves adorned with an array of crystals and minerals, each more captivating than the last. From necklaces to bracelets, their collection boasts stones such as Peridot, Sapphires, Rubies, Tourmalines, and beyond, it is a real treasure trove.

Rossoramina, Chiasso Barletti, 23, 55100 Lucca, Italy

Uashmama, Piazza dell'Anfiteatro, 30-31, 55100 Lucca, Italy

IStone, Via Santa Croce, 80, 55100 Lucca, Italy

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A Food Spot

There are so many wonderful places to eat in Lucca, however this was one of our favourites. The food is sublime. The pasta is melt in the mouth, buttery goodness! We had a few starters to share, followed by spaghetti alle vongole which was so good. They also do tagliatelle with Lobster and cherry tomatoes which was equally as amazing.

For supper, Gigi Trattoria is the place to be. Despite its unconventional location in the midst of a car park, the restaurant's ambiance and food are unmatched. Expect home made classic Tuscan dishes. Their sliced beef with aromatic herbs and roasted potatoes is the best. Remember to book!

Antica Osteria, Via Santa Croce, 55, 55100 Lucca, Italy

Gigi Trattoria, Piazza del Carmine, 7, 55100 Lucca, Italy

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Mercato Antiquario

Nestled in the charming Piazza Bernardini, on every third Sunday of the month, the outdoor market takes over the square. Here, stalls abound with an eclectic array of treasures, from delicate lace and captivating paintings to vintage toy cars and exquisite furniture. It's truly a haven for antique enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Mercato antiquario, Piazza Bernardini, 55100 Lucca, Italy

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The Views

Lucca is surrounded by a magnificent 2.6-mile city wall encircling its historic centre. Rent a bike and embark on an enchanting journey around the walls and through the streets. Revel in the breathtaking views and make sure to pause at various points to savour a revitalizing Aperol Spritz at one of the many inviting spots along the way.

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A Sweet Treat

Of course, it's Gelato! There are so many different places to get ice cream in Italy. You must try pistachio and stracciatella, the perfect combination.