A Sisters' Almanac — February

When the days are still short, pleasure can be found in listening to inspiring stories, feasting on wholesome cooking and admiring winter blooms.

JK Selfie.jpg

1 — Listening to a rare interview with the brilliant Jesse Kamm has left us energised. She talks about her love of surfing and nature, fashion, entrepreneurship and how all these connect successfully.

We are very proud at Aimé to be a stockist of this great brand. 

Another amazing listen is this podcast on Blue Jeans by Articles of Interest, giving a deep-dive into what we what we wear. 

Aimé London_A Sisters' Almanac_Mary McCartney Feeding Creativity.jpg

2 — Be inspired by Feeding Creativity A Cookbook for Friends and Family by Mary McCartney.

Val gave this book to Vanda last Christmas. It perfectly combines stories and recipes, and of course, great photography. The intimacy between Mary McCartney and her subjects who are mostly legendary musicians and film makers is quite palpable and the unfussy dishes she cooks for them are easy to replicate at home.The leek and sweet potato soup brought to artist Cindy Sherman is a nice seasonal lunch.

Aimé London_A Sisters' Almanac_Mimosa Flowers 02.jpg

3 — Mimosa is in full bloom in February and will be found at most markets. Its punchy colour but subtle scent make it a favourite this time of year. It also dries wonderfully.

Aimé London_A Sisters' Almanac_Tityaravy bracelet stack.jpg

4 — Stack Tityaravy bracelets.

The wrist is a delicate part of the body we can just about bear to unveil while it's still cold. We share a common background and heritage with Tityaravy's founder and we are particularly fond of these pieces that evoke the Cambodian stones our grandmother used to wear.

Aimé London_A Sisters' Almanac_Richard Avedon.jpg

5 — Two shows not to miss if you are in Paris.

Iconic Avedon
Until March 2nd, Gagosian, 4 rue de Ponthieu, 75008 Paris

This portrait of a mesmerising Brigitte Bardot sits next to iconic fashion images taken in Paris during Haute Couture weeks.

Bijoy Jain / Studio Mumbai Breath of an Architect
Until April 21st, Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain, 261 Bd Raspail, 75014 Paris

We were particularly sensitive to this celebration of hand making processes in architecture. The lightness of the materials forms a deep contrast with their strength and illustrate the genius of craftsmanship when it is in tune with the local environment.