In 1999, French-Cambodian sisters Val and Vanda Heng Vong brought a previously undiscovered Parisian way of dressing, into the wardrobes, and onto the streets of Notting Hill. Today, Aimé continues its curation of sophisticated and savoir-faire pieces from contemporary collections alongside their flourishing in-house label.

Aimé London_Anniversary Shop Window.jpg

Unswayed by trends, Val and Vanda are focused on how clothing feels, how often you wear it, how long you keep it, and how interesting it is. These sentiments have established a distinctive Aimé aesthetic, and with it a loyal community of women they are perfectly in tune with. Beautiful and uncompromising, Aimé is a shop that knows the things in life that really matter, but that the right clothing can bring a little joie de vivre along for the ride.

Throughout our anniversary year, we will be launching a series of collaborations with some special friends. For now, the celebrations begin with our anniversary tote bag. Aimé vous Aime!