In Conversation with Jesse Kamm

 The charismatic designer has a philosophy deeply rooted in simple and essential living with a true sense of community - Jesse Kamm is produced in its entirety in Los Angeles.

As a long-time Californian resident, we asked Jesse to share with us her absolute go-to addresses in and around L.A

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  • A favourite breakfast spot, what do you order?

My fav local spot is Kitchen Mouse in Highland Park. I like to order the dandelion latte and the huevos rancheros for breakfast. They are gluten and dairy free, somehow, and absolutely to die for.

  • Where do you have dinner with friends?

I adore Hippo. Chef Matt Molina is incredible with pasta, and everything he does is magic.

  • A bar that makes a good cocktail?

I love the margaritas at El Carmen. And the guac and chips are not to be missed.

1. Kitchen Mouse, Highland Park, Los Angeles
2. Pasta at Hippo Restaurant, Highland Park, Los Angeles
  • A beach only locals know?

El Matador is off the beaten path, and you can get away with going topless if you want the perfect summer tan.

  • A tourist spot that does live up to the hype? Do you have an insider tip such as the best time to visit or what else to do on the same trip?

I love going to the observatory in Griffith Park. You can get a coffee at the Trails cafe and take the hiking trail up the hill to the observatory. Good people watching and a little heart rate boost... More bang for your buck!

  • Where to go for a weekend away from the city. Where do you stay?

When we aren't in the city, we love being in Ojai. Ojai Rancho Inn and The Capri are great little motels. Don't miss the food at Rory's Place if you make it up there.

1. Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, California
2. The Capri Hotel, Ojai, California

El Matador Beach, Malibu, California

  • A place to celebrate a special moment?

Loreto in Frogtown. New and amazing Mexico City seafood...

  • The best new opening recently. Like “How did we do without this place before?"

Grandma and Bubs for fresh bread or Loquat for a golden milk.

  • A lesser-known gallery where we can discover Californian artists?

Del Vaz Projects is a great gallery run out of a beautiful Spanish home in Santa Monica. Schedule an appointment by calling 310-999-3060.

  • A favourite hike, what makes it special?

The Shelf has amazing views of the valley.

  • 3 tunes you like to drive to?
  1. Anything from Red Garlands Piano Album
  2. Pony, Ginuwine
  3. Love Will Tear Us Apart, Joy Division
1. Del Vaz Projects, Santa Monica, California
2. A Californian landscape
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