Matters of Style With Atlantique Ascoli

In conversation with French designer Atlantique Ascoli — we discuss her inspirations, design sensibilities and favourite places to dine in Paris.

Ascoli's designs express the most pleasing clean lines. They celebrate the unfussy, and are formed in simple but luxurious fabrications, punctuated by clever frills and ruching. The result is a kind of minimalistic romance, unique contemporary pieces of the upmost sophistication:

  • Can you share some images from your inspirations for SS21 and tell us a little about them?

    1. I’ve always cherished workwear dedicated to different activities...all details and proportions are so well thought out. I love the set up on this image, a few pieces, each of them essential to the outfit, everything fitting together. Creating while playing - with little - and reducing the possibilities appeals to my imagination. This was my approach to Volume 15 “Le Trousseau”.

    2. This image on the beach from French journalist Caterine Milinaire, is always on my mind. Victorian at its best.

    3. Liv Ullmann (and Anna Karina) for shadow and light.

    4. The final photo reflects the vision of sportswear I love – 1970’s American tracksuits were just perfect.
AIME_Matters of Style_Atlantique Ascoli.jpg
1. Image courtesy of Atlantique Ascoli
AIME_Matters of Style_Atlantique Ascoli Caterine Milinaire.jpg
2. Photo by French journalist Caterine Milinaire
AIME_Atlantique Ascoli Journal_Liv Ullmann.jpg
3. Liv Ullmann from the SS21 Mood Board
AIME_Matters of Style_Atlantique Ascoli Sportswear.jpg
4. Image courtesy of Atlantique Ascoli
  • You cite modernist architecture as a major design influence. Are there any buildings or architects in particular that you often return to?

Le Corbusier for the ergonomics, Frank Lloyd Wright for the lines, Gaudi for the curves.

  • Tell us something about your garments that you think could be missed when shopping online?

I feel they really come alive as instant pick me up when you put them on.

  • How do you want a woman to feel when she is wearing your clothes? 

Cozy and adventurous.

  • What is most important to you about a garment?

The neckline, the grace of a neckline…

AIME_Matters of Style_Atlantique Ascoli Cadaques.jpg
AIME_Matters of Style_Atlantique Ascoli Cadaques.jpg
  • When we are able to travel again, is there a particular place you are looking forward to visiting?

Anywhere in Cadaqués.

  • Do you have a standout piece from the SS21 collection?

The sleeveless sweat blouse - I like the idea of introducing this ensemble as a new kind of tracksuit, delicate and refined.

  • If someone was to buy their first Atlantique piece what’s a good introductory item to the brand?

Any overblouse from past or present season - each of them is not quite the same, yet not quite another. If they were to be a poem, it would be Mon rêve familier by Verlaine. Knowing you can go back to a brand and still find the things you loved gives a sense of wellbeing when everything around changes so quickly. I love the fact that you can still get your old time favourites in maison's like Charvet or Hermès.

  • Where is your favourite place to eat in Paris? 

I would say Saveurs d’Asie, Kim Lien’s tiny Vietnamese canteen on Place Maubert – at the end of Boulevard Saint-Germain.


  • What book are you reading at the moment?

I just bought The Cook Book (1980) by Terence & Caroline Conran entitled, 'The complete guide to selecting, preparing, cooking and presenting good food'. As we say in France – “C’est tout un programme!” 

AIME_Atlantique Ascoli_Ludwig Blouse_BurgundyStripe.jpg