Matters of Style With Titya Tin

In conversation with Titya Tin — we discuss design inspiration, meaningful gifts and celebratory dinners in Paris.
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  • How has your cultural background influenced your style? Can you share any images with us.

    My cultural journey has inspired me to create my brand. I have blended two very personal cultures for myself. First of all mine, the Cambodian culture but also my Parisian influences that I acquired throughout my life. The Cambodian culture comes from my mother who always wore jewels, pearls, necessarily attuned to her nails and her outfit. No matter where she went, she was dressed. Then my husband’s, Indo-Mauritian heritage, who made me discover the Hindu deities adorned with jewels. The various religious rituals I attended in the company of my husband and my daughter were the first steps of my collection.
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  • Tell us something about your jewellery that you think might be missed when shopping online?

    Our jewellery is very well represented thanks to our photos but it does not replace the experience of seeing them in real life, of being able to try them, touch them, to see the stones, the colors, the size...

  • What is the favourite piece of jewellery you own? Is there a particular stone you cherish and why?

    It is probably my precious Jonc, which is a gold brush that comes from an Italian goldsmith who uses a unique know-how to create their jewellery.

    There are two stones I like very much. The Sapphire, which I use a lot in my creations, is a stone that contains a great variety of colors (light blue, dark blue, with possible purple, yellow, orange or colorless shades, and more rarely black, purple, green and pink). But the stone I really carry in my heart very much, is the diamond. Why? This stone is beautiful in all these cuts.
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  • Why should women buy jewellery for themselves?

    First of all, I offer myself gifts or buy my jewellery. I find it satisfying, it makes me independent. When a woman offers herself a piece of jewellery and buys it with her money, the jewellery itself reveals a certain symbolism of independence. By buying it herself, its jewel has a personal value.

  • Is there a piece from your collection you often gift?

    The pieces I most often offer are the timeless Tityaravy; the Prema, Gini, Sai rings, the Sriphala necklace and the Lotus bracelets.
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Tityaravy — Gini Rings
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Tityaravy — Lotus Bracelets
  • We share an interest in food and good eating. Where would you have a celebratory dinner in Paris?

    Good food holds a very important place for me in my life and at Tityaravy. If I had to organize a party dinner in Paris, which I have done before, I would chose to go Le Gallopin. Why? First of all because they serve very good French food. At the Gallopin we don’t just do dinner, we sing, we dance. It is a lively and very festive place that the reason I enjoy it so much

  • What gift do you like to bring as a dinner guest?

    I often bring the same gifts when I am invited somewhere. I bring either a Trudon candle or Ducasse chocolate. For me, these gifts are very effective. How can you not like these gifts? In any case you smell good or you eat well.

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