Meet Palorosa

Discover the lifestyle brand rethinking everyday, utilitarian objects coming to Aimé this spring.

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Founded in 2014 by Cecilia Pirani, an Italian – Guatemalan landscape architect, Palorosa has an offering of tote bags and small accessories inspired by distant places. Born out of Pirani's desire to to merge architecture and fashion, the collection is both beautiful and functional, seamlessly blending into everyday use.

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Palorosa's designs are all handwoven by artisans in Guatemala, in order to preserve traditional craftsmanship and keep alive ancient techniques. Each item is deeply rooted to the history of hand-weaving and shows the exceptional abilities of the craftsmen. All materials used are locally sourced and partially recycled, as durability and sustainability are values central to the brand's ethos.

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Overtime, Palorosa have experimented with exclusive colorways, new materials and innovative weaving techniques; creating beautiful accessories that honor and celebrate Pirani's heritage of Italian culture and design, alongside her Latin American origins. Both timeless and trend-proof, we find these baskets double-up as useful and attractive home storage when out of closet use, and never fail to bring a sense of poetry to an outfit.