The Touche Finale

Small details add instant elegance to any outfit. A simple style strategy best understood by French jewellery brand Gigi Clozeau.

AIMÉ_Gigi Clozeau_Classic Bracelets_Blue.jpg

Using the finest materials, Gigi's designs are inspired by her father's expertise in handcrafted jewellery and her mother's interests in the avant-garde. Raised in the South of France, Gigi's sensitivity to colour and appreciation for fine materials has grounded her collections and in-the-know cult following. An 18 carat gold chain is woven with high-end resin creating joyful collections of charming bracelets and necklaces. For extra appeal, we like to play with colour and layer triplets of bracelets and necklaces. Shop the collection online and at our Ledbury Road store.

AIME_Gigi Clozeau_Classic Necklace_Neutral Sparkle.jpg