Meet Jesse Kamm

Discover the back-to-basics appeal and freedom of this cult LA brand coming to Aimé this spring.

AIME_Meet Jesse Kamm_Kammpants.jpg

Jesse Kamm lives in a minimalist wooden house by the ocean in Southern California, a purposeful backdrop to the paired-back label she established in 2005. Her approach to clothing is reflected in her way of life — choosing simple living and self-sufficiency as values that ground her laid-back sense of style.

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Jesse Kamm has centred her brand around a singular item that she does really well, a trouser so functional it has become cult, and even boasts its own hashtag. Search it, and you'll find a diverse array of women in action — gardening, hiking, constructing tents or in conversation with friends. The Kamm woman is capable, hardworking and fuss-free, living a less but better way of life.

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The design of a Kamm pant is considered, sturdy, elegantly proportioned and built to last. Each pair is manufactured locally in the USA, an ongoing commitment Jesse Kamm makes to supporting community. Her collection occasionally extends to overalls and shirts, these are trend-proof pieces that provide the perfect palette cleanser for a wardrobe that might have lost its way.